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James Raplee and Family

As recorded by S.C. Cleveland and published in his book, The History of Yates County, New York, printed in 1873

James Raplee was the father of the following named sons and Daughters: His wife was Byer Morse. They were born in Sussex County, New Jersey, and all of their large family of six sons and six daughters were born there and emigrated with their parents in 1805 or 6 to this county. They settled near Seneca Lake, within what is now Starkey, and in the neighborhood of the old Shannon Mills. Their sons were Andrew, Stephen, Joshua, Ezra, James and Thomas. The daughters were Lucretia, Lydia, Byer, Elizabeth, Sarah and Polly.

From these may be traced all of the families of the Raplee in this county and vicinity, and through the daughters, various other families, as specified under their names and marriages, and in the order as arranged above, although perhaps not exactly in the order of their birth.

It is doubtless the most numerous family in all its connections in the county, and perhaps no other furnishes so many bearing the paternal name, while several of the daughters had large and spreading families that rank also among the standard families of the community, as will be seen by the following list. They are also remarkable for their almost universal prosperous and comfortable condition in a pecuniary point of view, embracing probably more wealth than any other family connection in the county.

Andrew married Catharine Adams. They settled in what was known as "Bennett's Settlement," in Starkey. They had eight children, Patty, Anna, Susan, Polly, Jane, Lydia, Catharine and Madison. Patty married Samuel Vance of Starkey where they settled. Their children were John, William and Andrew. Anna married John Sutphin of Starkey. They are both dead. Susan married Daniel Haight of Starkey. They are both dead and the family have all gone west. There were six children, Andrew, Sylvenus, Hiram, Jacob, George, Susan, and Sarah. Polly married Luther Hair. They lived in Starkey where he died leaving three children, Huldah, Mary A, and Uriah. She married for her second husband Peter H. Crosby of Barrington, where they now reside. Jane married Jeptha Randolph of Torrey, where he died leaving two children, Byron and Elizabeth. She married for her second husband Uriah Bennett and they reside at her homestead. Their children are Josephine, Ray, Mattison, and Lee Ellsworth. Lydia married George F. Simmons and moved to the west. Catharine married Robert Wilson of Starkey. He is dead and she resides at Sodus, New York. They have several children whose names are not known.

Stephen married Sally Adams of New Jersey. They settled in Starkey where they both died. Their children were Roswell, Byer, Uriah, Thomas, Patty and Ann. All have gone out west except Roswell who resides in Starkey on the Thomas Roswell farm. They have one child, Joseph who resides near Big Stream.

Joshua married Kerziah Finch of New Jersey. They settled near Seneca Lake in Milo where they both died leaving eight children, Daniel, Lewis, Ira, Erza, Hiram Miles, Minor, and Joshua. Daniel married Elizabeth Clark of Milo and settled in Barrington where they kept a tavern on the Bath Road, south of Warsaw. They moved to Starkey where he died, and where his widow and family reside. The names of their children are not known. Lewis married Kissie Finch of Milo, and moved to Illinois. Joshua married Jane Loncor of Milo and settled in Barrington, where he now resides and where she died leaving four children. All of the children live in Barrington but their names are not known. He married a second wife, (name not known), who died, leaving no children. For a third wife name unknown). She died. His fourth and present wife was the widow of George T. Fitzwater of Milo.

Ezra married Margery Loncor of Milo and settled near Seneca Lake in that town. Their children are Joshua, Miles, Henry, Keziah, Eleena. Joshua married Hannah Lewis and went to Michigan. Miles married Mary Deming of Chubb Hollow, and resided on the old paternal homestead. They have one child Frances. Henry married Mary Pratt of Milo. They reside on the homestead and have one child, Florence. Keziah married Ezra Cole of Jerusalem, and for a time settled in that town, but finally emigrated to Michigan. Eleena married Henry Depew. They went west, returned and died, leaving one child, Adnora.

Hiriam married Phebe Ann Headley of Milo and settled in Gorham, Ontario County, where they now reside. They have five children, Christina, Mary, Arvilla and two others.

Miles G. married Maria Westbrook of Milo, and settled on the old Joshua Raplee homestead. They have five children, Margaret, Amanda, Mariette, Miles, and Minor. Margaret married Nelson Jones of Milo, and resides there. They have on son, Herbert. Amanda married ____ Johnson of Chicago, and settled in the west. Mariette married William Henderson of Starkey, where they now reside. Miles married Emma daughter of Peleg Briggs of Starkey. Minor is not married and lives with his father. Minor emigrated and married in Illinois.

Ira married Polly Smith of Starkey. She died and he married her sister, Caroline and now resides at Penn Yan. The children by his first marriage are Rochester, Kesiah, Arvilla and Sarah. Rochester married Lydia Skiff of Starkey. Kesiah married Henry Ellis of Starkey.

Arvilla married O.G. Bryant of Penn Yan. Sarah married John T. Andrews, a lawyer in Penn Yan.
Ezra married Amarilius Dains of Milo and settled on a farm one mile north of Himrods, where he died leaving his widow and six surviving children, Arnold, Aurelia, Almira, Jesse, Jeriah and Delanson. Arnold married Rebecca Dains of Milo and resides west of Himrods in that town. They have two children, Susan and Sarah. Susan married Thomas Eldred of Milo, and they have one child, Eva. Sarah married George Kress of Starkey, where they reside and have one son, Lee E.

Aurelia married Benjamin Norris of Milo. There children are George, Charles, Auarlis, Ann, Almira, Susan, Mary J. and Oliver. They emigrated to the State of Maryland, leaving their children mostly there, returning in 1868. George married and lives in the State of Maryland. Charles married Elizabeth Munger of Jerusalem. They reside near Rushville in Gorham, New York and have two children, Mary J. and Delanson. Amarilis, Ann Almira, Susan, Mary J. and Oliver all reside in the State of Maryland. Almira married Charles, son of Micajah Brown of Dresden where he died leaving his widow and three children, Minor D., Ann M. and George J.

Minor D. married Anna Steele of Indiana, Pennsylvania and resides in Leroy New York. They have one son, George. George J. is single and resides at Columbus. OH. Jesse married Naomi Westbrook of Milo and finally settled in Illinois with their family of three children, Hannah J., Hester, and Miles. Jeremiah married Caroline, daughter of Cyrus Kidder of Benton. They settled on his paternal homestead in Milo where she died leaving five children, Ada, Ursula, Gertrude, George, and Emma. Delanson married Arvilla Perry of Otsego Co. New York. They resided near the homestead in Milo, where she died leaving two children, Frances and Frederick D.

James married Betsey Culver of New Jersey and settled in Milo near his brother Ezra. They had four surviving children, Robert, Betsey, Lucinda, and James.

Robert married Jemima_______ and emigrated to Ohio.

Betsey married Joseph Brimmer of Milo who is now dead.

Lucinda married Halsey Misner of Milo and moved to Wayne, Steuben Co. where they had two children.

James married ______ Miller, and died in Starkey.

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